We Serve Clients Internationally! Since 2018, Woodbridge Marketing has been creating digital marketing solutions for our International clients. We balance creative custom design with dynamic web programming to help you engage your audience and simplify your business processes. Whether you’re a start-up business that needs to establish a brand presence or an established company that is looking to further grow and develop, we want to help by tailoring the digital solutions that will add sustainable value to your business. Our clients know that in the increasingly competitive market it is important to have clear, creative marketing solutions in order to stand out and make an impact. That’s where we come in; we help our clients create web based business solutions through Content Management systems, Marketing, Email Marketing, LinkedIn Leads Generation and Website Design among other tools.


Woodbridge Marketing takes pride in helping business’ grow, and we enjoy the relationships we build with each of our clients. We approach each project thoughtfully, engaging with our clients to fully understand their business needs so that the solutions we build them are not only creative and visually appealing but also build a strong foundation for future growth. Our mission is to improve your brand image, online presence and information management through the most effective and appropriate uses of technology.


We are Woodbridge Marketing.

A Digital Marketing Agency based in London and we build brand solutions that help your business grow.

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Donal Carroll - Critical Difference Consultancy

Anush Kumar -  Fincue Pty Ltd 

Mike Denison -  Lean Mentor International

I have found the Woodbridge Marketing approach patient, productive and thorough. It enables businesses to effectively identify and scope their marketing intervention and manage the responses. They are impressively attentive with a highly efficient alerting system to enable you to prioritise enquiries which matter most. For my business, it opened a variety of avenues: hot leads, appointment invitations and access to new networks. Their supportive and challenging approach will work for any business.

Rob Hudson-Ultimate Game 

I have recently pivoted to a product and self-service strategy and David stood out from the crowd through an ability to tune into my needs. With service and communication levels second to none, his value for money and collaborative down to earth approach, makes him a pleasure to do business with. My network is now 5 X larger and deeper - Highly recommended. Cheers, Rob

“David Martin of Woodbridge Marketing approached us regarding a marketing collaboration. We were quite impressed with his approach in the first instance and passed on the project from another vendor. With his professional and sound marketing knowledge, we have been able to build the network that eventually enhanced our profitability. We are happy to collaborate with such a group of professionals working on behalf of our organization. 

Gina Palmer - Minds Tomorrow

I have been working with David since January on my LinkedIn. When David first contacted me about the opportunity to connect with him, I didn’t know what to expect. We talked about his services through Zoom and David took us on a tour of his system and outlined the support he provides. If you want to work with a LinkedIn professional who is very well informed and supportive, then I recommend David. He works to a high standard in all that he does. Thanks David.

I have been in business running my own company now for nearly 20 years and when David approached me with what I thought was just another new Linked In build your connection list campaign, I was unsure of the real value I would get, you see, I have tested these campaigns previously and found them both expensive and definitely not as successful as they are proposed to be. I was sceptical, but happy to experiment and test David out. How wrong was I, David not only explained the process and his approach, he guided us on how best to engage with specific contacts and build the relationship, he kept us informed, daily of his activity and the progress of our campaign and I found the whole process efficient, targeted and valuable in finding and securing the right leads for my current business strategy. The approach took away some of the personal effort and time needed for a daily linked in connection and relationship building strategy In summary, the approach and customer service of Woodbridge Marketing has been a great fit for me and David’s attention to detail, personal touch and driving for the right results we set out at the beginning completely delivered, and in fact exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for specific target market and connecting with specific people and roles on linked in to build a business relationship, then David and Woodbridge Marketing is well worth the investment



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